We ignore facts. We disregard science. Civility is vanishing. Social evolution is failing.
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JAN 20, 2017



I'm no botanist. 

I'm no political scientist either. I'm just an average guy who happens to agree with the theory that society as a whole is suffering from a massive "dumbing down" - specifically here in the States.  

Clearly inspired by Mike Judge's Idiocracy, this little project is a simple commentary on how we've collectively become lazy, easily swayed and in a lot of cases reliant upon the misinformation of over-glorified and under-qualified pundits. 

We ignore facts.  We disregard science.  Civility is vanishing.  Social evolution is failing. 

Our demagogue is here - and could be argued he was brought to us by Carl's Jr.  

I digress.

Beginning January 20th (Inauguration Day), I will be watering this plant every week with Gatorade (of course it has to be orange) and documenting the "progress" every day for the next 4 years (or until I become bored with it).  Each image will be accompanied by a tweet from the president elect (if applicable).

Do I think this plant will live?  Absolutely not.  I do have an inkling of hope as this particular species (rubber plant) is supposedly "impossible to kill"... which is a similar, yet ignorant perception of this country that is apparently held by a large chunk of the population.

Anyway - fuck you.  I'm eating.



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